Jeyes Low Foam Laundry Liquid 10 Litre

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PROPERTIES: Fully built, concentrated product based on surfactants, sequestrants, dispersants and enzymes. Suitable for washing of coloured and white fabrics, from 30oC to 90oC. Good removal of protein containing stains. Pleasant and long-lasting perfume.

APPLICATION: Main wash enzymatic detergent for all fabrics. Suitable for coloured and white fabrics. Suitable for use in all water hardnesses. Suitable for use in all machines.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use in conjunction with Jeyes Professional electronic dosing equipment. Use only as directed. (In table) Soiling Level, Recommended Dosage Light, 8 - 12ml per kilo dry fabric Medium, 12 - 15ml per kilo dry fabric Heavy soiling, 15 - 30ml per kilo dry fabric

Jeyes Low Foam Laundry Liquid 10 Litre
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