Coconut Oil Cosmetics Pure Deo Roll-on 50ml

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Sweating is essential, the unpleasant odour is treatable. We have created a deodorant that neutralizes odour the natural way. There’s no need to block pores when lauric and caprylic acid found in cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil kills bacteria. Baking soda neutralizes your pH level to make sure there’s no unwanted odour, and cornstarch helps to reduce the rate of perspiration. It is safe to use even immediately after hair removal, tea tree oil soothes inflammation and argan oil hydrates the skin.

How to use: Shake well before use and apply it on the armpit area. If you tend to sweat a lot and you have never used aluminium-free deodorant before, please allow your skin to detox itself and adapt to this natural deodorant. You might experience excessive sweating in this short period of time, which means that your lymph channel gets unclogged. Reuse the deodorant every 4 hours if needed and don’t worry, this only lasts for a couple of days

Ingedients: beeswax (white), coconut oil, cornstarch, lavender essential oil, apricot seed oil, shea butter, baking powder, tea tree oil, natural vitamin E, sage oil

Coconut Oil Cosmetics Pure Deo Roll-on 50ml
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